/AS several Senior Black Belts have pointed out MMA is not going away.

We are the original Mixed Martial Arts. Before there was Kenpo Karate
 There was KENPO JUI-JITSU (1947)
We are now Issuing Kenpo Jui-Jitsu Diplomas at your present Dan Rank. The Diplomas are 11 X 14" in Black and White on Heavy parchment paper
COST: $65 Included Shipping - Quick Turn Around.

Phone us at 859-271-5987 to order yours - INCLUDES SHIPPING 
Pat already has all your Black Belt Records for rank!

GOE2015  Click Here  -- 

Click here for GOE - Hall of Fame - registration list - make sure you are listed and your name is spell correctly

The original date was for NOV- we are now in Nov 0f 2014 - and most of the Country is covered with several feet of snow. Rather than take the chance with bad weather in Nov of 2015 we have moved it to sunny Aug 2015

Start making your plans now for GOE2015
 Fri  Aug 7, Sat Aug 8, 2015

#1 Xmas special - good until Jan 1, 2015
Buy 1 DVD get 2 Free - $3 shipping
Total ($53)
except ne

 2014 release.

New 2nd Black - update:
For the past 20 years we have wanted to upgrade the 2nd Black - and replace all the difficult kick with techniques everyone can do.

Mark Tracy has finally taken the bull by the horns and under my direction put out a new color picture manual - with 16 kicks being replaced with new techniques that we were going to out in the new 6th/7th manuals

For the old times and diehards - give them a choice of which manual they want to be tested on. I'm betting it will to 25-1 for the new manual


For compete information call Mark Tracy

(813)374-2257  E-MAIL markTkenpo@aol.com

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