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2 Summer Camps 

Work Shops - Hands On
#1 Tampa Florida
3 Days - Fri. April 11, Sat. April 12, Sun April 13
Cost: 1 Day $75 -2 Days $100 - 3Days $120
Because of space  -- limited to 60 people - Call Mark  and reserve your spot

Tracys Karate - Mark Tracy 813-374-2257
4259 Henderson Blvd - 33629
Sat. Sun. Morning - Kata on the Beach

Sat. Bart Vale - Grappling (MMA is not going away) Plus More

Special History: Al Tracy -- Ed Parker had 18++ Instructor 
(Who were they and how much of this ended up in Kenpo?)

Al Tracy - Short Staff (Cane) Bring your own cane. This was taught to Ed Parker in the late 1960's - He traded our Tiger and Crane for it. This is recorded in Mrs. Parker's Book. Who Taught Ed Parker this set along with the use of the Knife?
6th Black - New Gun Laws - More and more and People are now Armed
Gun Defense - Disarming and take away = not previously taught
Lots of hands on!

Plus more 6th Black Techniques

Question and answer Sessions = Bring your questions.
3 days packed full of information


Chicago Summer Camp -

We moved the location from the Holiday Inn - because they doubled the cost for seminar (teaching) rooms.

Click here for Registration Form:

To reserve your spot - Call Al of Pat Tracy at 859-271-5987

In the next few day I will be posting a registration form

Chicago (Orland Park)
August 2 (Sat) - August 3 (Sun)

Cost $120

Limited to the first 100
Comfort Inn and Conference Center
8800 West 159th St. Orland Park ILL. 60462

Phone 708-403-1757

Comfort Inn Room Rates

$109.99 plus tax = per night
2 Double Beds or
1 King Bed

Code Kenpo Karate Camp

Seminars and Hands on Work Shops

Al Tracy - Short Staff - Cane Kata - Bring Your own Cane
This was originally taught to Ed Parker - In exchange for this short staff set - he taught the other master our: Tiger and Crane. This is all In Mrs. Parker's book.

Hands on Gun Defense and Disarming

Because of new gun Laws, Mainly Stand Your Ground Laws, more and more people are getting canceled carry permits.

Example: In Ohio alone 250,000 have canceled carry permits.

With the new laws (Varies) The opponent (YOU) no longer has to be armed or even in possession of a weapon ... The defense cry: I feared for my life - I thought the man was going to kill me. My only defense was to shoot him.

Al Tracy-2 special History Seminars

From Amazon:
Memories of Ed Parker - by
Leilana Parker - In Paperback - new release 2013
Cost: About $14 - get a copy while they are still available
You will learn more about Ed Parker then any of the other American Kenpo Master - Plus I will be giving you a lot more that is not in the book.
Leilani Parker also used a lot of my history to fill in some blank spots.

You are not going to get this information any where else. Why is it none of the (American Kenpo Masters) have it?

Why did Ed Parker not chose a successor to follow him and carry on American Kenpo? Even his son!

#1 History Seminar: Ed Parker had over 18 Instructors. Who were they? What did he learn? Now much of this information did he add to Kenpo? None of it got into American Kenpo - Why?

Who wrote the American Kenpo Manuals? Hint : It was not Ed Parker!

Ed Parker first stared learning self defense in boxing - Who was his instructor? I knew his instructor do you?


Ed Parker earned his Black Belt in Judo at the age of 15 - Competed as a Black Belt at age 16. Was a senior Black Belt on the BYU Judo team and had the rank of San Dan (3rd Black)

#2 History Seminar (Part of a new series- Ed Parker: The man and the Myth.

Added: History Information

Bruce Lee: The man and the myth. 5' 7" tall - 137 Pounds. The greatest fighter ever? Get Real.

Examples: Ed Parker never taught or trained with Bruce Lee.

Bruce Lee never sparred with students.

The only fight Bruce Lee had of any importance - He did now win. Now many of the Bruce Lee Experts claim there were as many at 15 people at the fight he had with Jack Mann. There were only five - You will find out who they were.

This is only the beginning.

All you American Kenpo Master. I am not putting this information up on the web - for you to steal and claim they knew any of it.
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